When should I consider joint replacement surgery?

Here are some frequently asked questions when trying to decide.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for hip or knee replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery has become much easier on the body in recent years, thanks to new surgery techniques. At Asante Three Rivers Medical Center, we offer the latest advancement in joint replacement surgery. What I tell my patients is, if your pain and mobility are starting to affect your daily life and activities, then it’s a good time to start thinking about having joint replacement surgery.

Is now a safe time to get my hip or knee replaced?

Yes! We want you to know that Asante’s clinics and hospitals take every precaution to ensure your safety. Our staff, patients and visitors wear masks and clean their hands often. We sanitize at regular intervals and maintain proper physical distancing.

How do you replace a hip joint?

We use a technique called an “anterior approach.” This surgery uses a special table that allows surgeons to access the hip socket from the front of the body instead of from the back side (the conventional way). By performing surgery from the front, we avoid cutting through major muscles. That means you should have less pain, a faster recovery and a quicker return to your normal activities.

What can I expect after surgery?

Many patients who undergo anterior surgery have better range of motion and less worry about dislocating their new hip, compared with people who get the traditional surgery. This is because the anterior approach does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the hip joint, allowing them to keep the hip stable and flexible throughout recovery.

I had joint replacement surgery 15 years ago and need it replaced. Do you provide revisions?

Yes. If your prosthetic joint stops working well, you might need to replace it. Asante is one of the few hospitals in our area to offer this advanced surgery for knees and prosthetic hips.

How can I find out more about knee and hip replacement surgery?

We offer free classes during which you can speak with other patients, an orthopedic surgeon, surgery staff and physical therapists to help answer all your questions.

Dr. Cowley has extensive training in the use of minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, such as the direct anterior hip approach and revision arthroplasty. For more information about Dr. Cowley, including an introductory video, visit his profile page or call (541) 507-2050.

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