A helping hand for health: the hidden benefits of volunteering

Elderly woman's hands cradled by a younger woman's hands, symbolizing support and connection


Discover the profound benefits of volunteering from enhanced mental health to increased longevity. This article delves into how community service, like at Asante, not only aids recipients but also enriches volunteers' lives. Read this article understand the personal and communal advantages of giving back.


In the bustling hallways of community centers, hospitals and nonprofits, a special group of people dedicate their time and energy to the service of others. These volunteers, often working quietly behind the scenes, make an immeasurable difference in people’s lives. However, the story doesn’t end there. Volunteering benefits not only those who receive help, but it also can contribute to personal well-being, particularly for older adults. 

A Boost for Mind and Body 

Volunteering is more than a noble pursuit; it’s a recipe for improved physical and mental health. Engaging in volunteer activities provides a great opportunity to stay active both mentally and physically, creating a diverse range of cognitive and physical stimulation. The results of this synergy have been evident in various research studies, which found that volunteering leads to lower rates of depression and anxiety, particularly for individuals aged 65 and older. 

When engaged in acts of kindness and support, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. This release not only fosters positive and relaxed feelings but also reduces stress, consequently lowering the risk factors for heart disease, stroke, depression and anxiety. 

Living Longer and Happier 

The positive impact of volunteering on mental and emotional wellbeing doesn’t stop with mood enhancement. Research also has shown that those who volunteer experience lower mortality rates than those who do not. Could it be that the act of giving is indeed a key to a longer and more fulfilled life? 

Finding Purpose at Asante 

At Asante, volunteers find their calling. They serve as greeters, waiting room attendants and indispensable support for staff, handling essential daily tasks. These volunteers also bring warmth and creativity to their roles, crafting blankets, sweaters and hats for newborn babies and patients with cancer. 

This nurturing environment gives volunteers, especially older ones, a profound sense of purpose and satisfaction. They feel connected to the community and their self-esteem improves. 

Building Connections and Communities 

Another remarkable health benefit of volunteering is its ability to foster social interaction and create a support system. Participating in shared activities leads to new friendships and strengthens existing bonds, all based on common interests and passions. 

The Many Faces of Volunteering 

People volunteer for an array of reasons. Some explore health care careers, others sharpen skills to reenter the workforce, and many stay active during retirement. But all find joy in meeting new people and serving their communities. 

Join the Movement 

Volunteering is a powerful avenue to make a difference in others’ lives and enhance your own health and wellbeing. Embrace the opportunity to connect, learn and grow by volunteering in your local community. Your body, mind and heart will thank you. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, click here.


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