Poke Cup


Poke cups are an excellent option for a healthy snack or light meal.

Poke cups are an excellent option for a healthy snack or light meal. Join dietitian Leslie Looney as she shows you how to make a poke cup that is both heart-healthy and delicious. Ahi tuna is the star of this dish, packed with protein and healthy fats. The crisp vegetables add fiber and nutrients, and the red pepper flakes give it a little spice. This dish is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like firing up the stove.

We all have an inner autopilot when it comes to eating, especially when we’re hungry. You mean to have a green salad but instead you eat a whole bag of Cheetos. Oops — snaccident. To help you regain control and avoid these dietary slips, Asante offers this online recipe and demonstration series, Preventing Snaccidents.

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