When to consider anterior hip replacement 


The article discusses the benefits of anterior hip replacement surgery, a surgical technique that accesses the hip socket from the front of the body instead of the back.

Am I a good candidate for anterior hip replacement surgery? 

Hip replacement surgery is much easier on the body in recent years, thanks to new surgery techniques. At Asante, we offer the latest advancement in hip replacement surgery, called the anterior approach.  

This surgery uses a special surgical table that allows surgeons to access the hip socket from the front of the body instead of from the back side (the conventional way). By performing surgery from the front, we avoid cutting through major muscles. That means you’ll have less pain, a faster recovery, and a quicker return to your normal activities.  

Patients who undergo anterior surgery also have better range of motion and less worry about dislocating their new hip, compared with people who get the traditional surgery. This is because the anterior approach does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the hip joint, allowing them to keep the hip stable and flexible throughout recovery. 

People who benefit most from this surgery are younger patients who have to get back to work and seniors who don’t have family to help them. People who would otherwise have to go to a nursing home for five weeks to recuperate may be off crutches in a week and driving a car again after two weeks. Most patients reach full recovery by eight weeks, compared to four months with conventional hip replacement techniques. 

However, anterior hip replacement may not be right for everyone, especially people who are overweight or have osteoporosis. Talk with your doctor about which procedure is best for you. 


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