Healthful summer recipes to make from your garden and the farmer’s market

Improve your health with these nutrient-rich recipes made from seasonal produce.
Produce from Looney Farms on a table at a farmer's market.

Summer is here, and with the warmer weather vegetable gardens are flourishing.

Do you need help finding ways to use up some of your bountiful harvest? We have summer recipes that are sure to please. Not a pro gardener? A trip to your nearby grower’s market or local farm stand is all you need to get started. Not only is this a great way to support local farmers, but it’s also a great way to enjoy nutrient-rich seasonal produce. Now, let’s get ready to put your veggies to good use!


Pico de gallo


Summer vegetable tart

Grilled corn on the cob


Maple roasted chicken and vegetables

Greek salad with salmon


Strawberry and watermelon salad

Kale and strawberry salad


Chocolate zucchini muffins

Recipes and image credit

Leslie Looney, registered dietician, farmer and Asante dietitian.

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